The warm embrace of valves at Disco Shop in Lecco!

The warm embrace of valves at Disco Shop in Lecco!

In the heart of Lecco, at the cozy Disco Shop, we had the honor of collaborating with Stefano on this wonderful initiative that celebrates the rich sound of thermionic tube amplifiers.

A corner dedicated to high-quality listening

Upon entering the Disco Shop showroom, you will be greeted by Stefano, a music enthusiast with extensive knowledge of the industry. In a corner dedicated to high-quality listening, you can immerse yourself in listening to music tracks amplified by a fine SoundValvolareArt valve amplifier. Whether you are an experienced audiophile or just curious, here you will find the ideal environment to appreciate the most delicate and engaging nuances of your favorite music.

The amplifier you can try out at Disco Shop

The timeless appeal of the valve sound

Each SoundValvolareArt amplifier is a unique piece, handcrafted with the finest components and obsessive attention to detail. Turn it on and you will be immediately enveloped in a warm, rich, mellow sound, giving you an unparalleled feeling of fullness and naturalness. Every note comes to life, every instrument emerges vividly, transporting you right into the heart of the music.

A journey through every genre of music

Disco Shop, with its wide selection of vinyls, is the ideal partner to bring out the full potential of SoundValvolareArt amplifiers. You can immerse yourself in any genre of music, from rock to jazz, classical to electronic, discovering new facets each time and being moved by the purity of the sound.

Discover the SoundValvolareArt philosophy

At Disco Shop, you can learn about the SoundValvolareArt philosophy and the features that make our amplifiers unique. The choice of components, the handcrafted production process and the passion for music that drives us are the elements that define our identity.

Come experience SoundValvolareArt!

Don't miss your chance to immerse yourself in the warm embrace of valve sound at Disco Shop Lecco. Visit the store and be won over by the magic of music amplified by SoundValvolareArt!

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