In a fast-paced world, we forget everything that can give us excitement.

Every object that was made once, born of study and passion, gave emotions when the work was finished.

For this reason, driven by a passion for all things non-consumer electronics, I began to build amplifiers with thermionic valves, which in my opinion could be small works of art and thus evoke visual and acoustic emotions when finished.

The valve and its history have a charm that can take us back in time and, at the same time, engage us with a warm and soothing sound. Natural. From balanced bass and distinct treble.

But to have all this we need to spend quite a bit of time on choosing components, materials, and the testing that in the various stages allows us to arrive at an impressive result.

Today there are different types of valves, from the cheapest to the most expensive. In my opinion, it is a component that should not be compromised.

Also of paramount importance are the output transformers, which must be made from high quality materials.

All of this adds up to a high implementation cost, but the end result is well worth it.